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Custom Pieces

We offer a wide selection of custom clothing including two and three piece suits and dress shirts for the red-carpet or the boardroom as well as custom coats, denim, drawstring & cargo pocket pants, knitwear t-shirts, hoodies, vests, sweaters, sweatpants, and a wide variety of custom shoes for your causal days out on the town or a trip to the grocery store. We offer a full custom experience from the main pieces of your wardrobe down to the finest details and accessories.

All of our custom products are made in Europe from only the finest European fabrics and materials. Depending on which beautiful fabric you choose, the price of your custom garments will vary. Our average price point vary per category and are as follows:

Custom Suits: $1,800-$2,500+ USD
Custom Dress Shirts: $250-$450+ USD
Custom Shoes: $300-$1800 USD
Custom Knitwear: $200-$700+ USD
USD Custom Denim: $400+ USD

*Actual prices may vary

Please reach out to us if you have any questions!

Our custom process takes about 6-8 weeks from the time you have your first fitting appointment with our experienced stylists to the time you walk away with your perfectly fitted garment in hand.

We're happy to check your order status for you. Please call, email, or use our chat tool to leave your first name, last name, email and phone number and one our team members will get back to you within 48hrs with an update.

Yes! We welcome all individuals regardless of which gender they choose to identify with. We have women, men, & non-binary silhouettes for all of our products.


Please book your appointment at least 10 weeks prior to the date you need your garment by as turn-around times vary by product. If you have a special event that you are purchasing your garment for, book as far in advance as you are comfortable with as the further in advance, the better! Please give yourself as much time as you can, but we recommend 8-10 weeks minimum for special events to ensure enough time.

Appointments vary in length from person to person. We never rush our clients so while some are very decisive with their selections, others may take more time to perfect their design and that's okay! However, on average appointments typically last between 1-3hrs. If you are a new client, your minimum appointment length will be around 1.5hrs (1 hour to design and 30mins to fit). If you are a returning client that does not need to be refit, the appointment could be as quick as an hour.

If you are making an appointment and have a fiancé, family member, or friend who is also coming in to design a garment & get fitted, please fill out a separate appointment request form for each individual with back to back times so that we ensure that we have allotted enough time for each of you.

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