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August 26, 2022

Sure, we make a lot of wedding suits at Klein Epstein Parker. Custom suits in all shapes and forms. From custom tuxedo’s to tails and beautiful custom suits and jackets with pants - everything custom. Sometimes however, we are asked to go the extra mile….to work magic if you will.

"The wedding is tomorrow in New Orleans."

Alright, here we gooo!

At 9:30 AM I was still in New York waiting at the distribution center for this custom wedding suit to arrive from Europe. Earlier the shipment got stuck in customs but I wasn't going to settle for waiting on customs. We have a wedding to get to! And a groom to dress!! After hours of relentless pleading on the phone, the custom suit was finally released from customs. I booked a ticket and flew to New Orleans that night. I scoured the streets and found the groom at 10 PM with his friends celebrating on Bourbon Street. I personally fitted the groom with his suit on a side-street in the festive chaos with a beer in his hand. It was nearly perfect.

I found a local tailor that tweaked the suit to perfection early the next morning and delivered the suit at the grooms hotel hours before the wedding. We hugged as we both were grateful; Impossible? Not for Klein Epstein Parker. Nothing is more inspiring than to give our all and to go above and beyond for our customers in order to make them happy. So yes, we make and deliver great custom wedding suits. 

Have you ever had service as custom and first class as that? If not, don't wait any longer. Book an appointment here and find us in Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Paris, and in the streets of anywhere you need us to be. Other companies may say it's impossible. But Not us. With Klein Epstein Parker, anything is possible.