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September 27, 2023

The Klein Epstein Parker founders started building a unique brand 14 years ago with a mission to make men and women walk out the door every morning with confidence.  We have now expanded globally to stores in Paris, New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Klein Epstein Parker stands for freedom. We make all custom fashion from custom suits to custom tuxedos and coats, to custom shoes, denim, custom cardigans and even custom polo shirts.  And the best part? Our long standing customers have turned into life long friends. 

But, do you want to know what keeps the founders up at night? That is, why do people buy off the rack? Clothes made overseas do not usually fit well, while being overpriced and poorly produced in most cases.  These garments are also made in conditions we do not want to know about and create a global waste.  With KEP you know exactly where your garments are being made, what you are paying for, and how are they going to fit. 

We want your custom shopping experience to be fun and all about you! Make an appointment with us today. 


Jayden Smith in his Klein Epstein Parker custom suit.